“The new StratAIM Epsilon grenade… where the 360Storm has more dance when it goes off, the aluminium made StratAIM feels more like dropping a AOE shotgun blast into a room while it covers all directions. It’s very sensitive allowing even the smallest of throws to send BBs flying.”

“The StratAIM gas grenades have landed! Nice simple system and easy to use. The sleeves are interchangable with the epsilon and nova configurations. The Epsilon  has a spinning discharge effect and the nova has loads of holes for a full radius blast effect.”

“The Epsilon training grenade releases the bb’s with great speed and with a good number of balls. I did not expect this and I’m amazed by the performance.”

“The Epsilon grenades are made from a 7075 alu grade material and have proven to rise above the competition when it comes to performance and durability. We are very excited to start our cooperation and add StratAim to our wide range of high quality airsoft product”