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Lifetime Warranty: Your Trust, Our Promise 🛡️

StratAIM's grenades are built to last, ready for any battle. We're so confident in their durability and performance, we offer a limited lifetime warranty on all grenades made after 2019. Invest in gear that's as committed as you are.

Benefits for You:
Durability 🔗: Ready for intense use, our grenades withstand the toughest conditions.
Confidence 💪: Absolute trust in our products, guaranteeing your satisfaction.
Peace of Mind 🌟: Focus on the game, knowing we've got your back.

Experience the StratAIM edge. Quality you can trust, guaranteed.Precision. Power. StratAIM.StratAIM: Ignite your airsoft prowess with our cutting-edge training devices. Experience realism, precision, and dominate the field.

StratAIM Echo Grenade in hand showcasing its compact design
ECHO Hybrid Sound Training Grenade
Sale price€ 60,00
Epsilon BB Grenade by StratAIM ready for the next airsoft mission
Sale price€ 80,00
StratAIM Nova BB Grenade displayed on tactical gear background
NOVA BB Grenade
Sale price€ 70,00

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One of the most rugged and reliable grenades we have ever tested. - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Florian Haider -

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