StratAIM Innovate the Gas Valve

StratAIM Innovate the Gas Valve

Today we launch the first innovation for the gas inlet valves in over 10 years. After years of using the current industry standard gas inlet valves we had many issues to counter. Everybody knows the common issue with gas valves like the special tool needed to screw the valve in and out. Or use a flat screwdriver and mess up the whole valve, magazine and/or damage the rubbers. Ending up with a non-working magazine or airsoft replica.

We all have this drama and we decided to do something about this problem. So we designed and manufactured our own gas valve with some nice new features.

  • HEX / Allan key 4 instead of the special valve key tool! Everybody has an Allan key 4!
  • Changed the rubbers with much better quality NBR and Viton.
  • Fully CNC Machined for best quality!

We will release these gas inlet valves for our training grenades and very soon for several brands like WE, KWC, VFC, TM and more will be added in the future.

Pattern is pending and the designed are registered for copyright protection.

These valves are already in our latest Epsilon products and available right now/or very soon at dealers like Begadi, Anareus, Shogun and many more!